Texas Commercial Insurance Coverage

Finding the right insurance for company requirements in Duncanville, Texas can seem complicated. By working with an independent agency like Fry Integra, it is possible to find the appropriate coverage for the company and the budget.

Commercial Auto Protection in Texas

Any company that requires employees to operate a car, van or truck must obtain appropriate commercial auto coverage. The insurance protects the company from financial losses if an employee is involved in an automobile accident.

Texas Liability Policies (CGL)

Commercial liability protection, or a CGL policy, is designed to protect the company from financial losses if an accident takes place on company property or a product is defective. It ensures that it is possible to pay for the medical expenses when accidents that involve customers, passersby or other individuals occur.

Property Insurance for Companies

A business may require more than just general protection against liability. It may be necessary to protect any company property. Any property that is owned by the company, such as a company office building, land or a warehouse, must have some protection. The coverage is designed to protect against common problems, such as fires, vandalism or theft.

Workers Compensation Protection

Although the amount of protection that any business requires for employees may vary, workers compensation insurance is a necessity. Any company that hires employees should obtain some protection in case an employee is injured on the job. The insurance helps pay for their medical costs and other related expenses.

Texas BOP Plans

A business owner package, or BOP policy, is a general policy that protects a company from basic liability and property concerns. The amount of protection may vary based on the policy, but it provides some protection for general concerns of a business owner.

It is important that companies prevent financial disasters by obtaining the right insurance policies. It is easier to maintain peace of mind and ensure that the company will not face major financial losses when an accident or similar event occurs.