About Fry – Integra Insurance Services

Fry – Integra Insurance Services is located in Duncanville, Texas, providing service for clients in Duncanville and the broader Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Todd C. Fry is a veteran insurance professional, having over 20 years’ experience as a successful independent agent, having owned and managed several independent agencies. His goal is to give an individualized approach to helping protect what’s important to his clients. He still believes service matters, and having a “hands-on” attitude helps give him an advantage over the other cold, impersonal methods of buying insurance. As competition and direct buying channels continue to increase, he knows he has to give his clients something they aren’t getting elsewhere. He believes those things are honest advice, a sound education about their protection plans, and a genuine appreciation for their business.

In June, 2016, Todd bought the agency from his father, John C. Fry, who started the agency 32 years ago.  John's desire was to perpetuate the agency and keep it in the family for many years to come.  John has now retired and spends his days walking his faithful companion, taking  afternoon naps, or on the ranch with his small herd of cattle.  John still occasionally consults the agency and helps out when needed.