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hen car and homeowners insurance premiums come due, it's always a struggle to fork over the money, but deep down you know just how important it is to have adequate insurance coverage. Everyone's heard a story about an unfortunate person who lost everything due to being knocked down--financially--when troubles struck.

One way to combat home and auto insurance rate hikes is to shop around and compare prices of policies. Rather than making a dozen or more phone calls, all you need to do is visit our website and use our handy tool that lets you compare insurance quotes online in just minutes. From the comfort of your home, and within the span of a commercial break, you can get a list of nationally known insurance companies that serve Duncanville, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Once you have your list of insurance policy quotes in hand, you can compare them to see which ones fit your needs and, from there, base your decision on other factors like the price. If you need any help getting past the technical jargon, the agents at Fry-Integra Insurance Services are on hand to help. As your local independent agency in Duncanville, they're knowledgeable and experienced and can explain the policies so that you can make an informed decision.

According to Texas law, all drivers must have a minimum personal liability for each person with a maximum per accident. You also need a specific amount in property damage insurance for each accident. It's important to remember that these are just the minimum amounts; you may want to purchase additional coverage since medical costs and auto repair expenses can be quite high.

As for your homeowners and property insurance, you'll need to turn to your mortgage lender to find out the specific requirements since each lender has their own policies. Generally, you'll want enough insurance to cover the value of your home and its contents. Buy enough so that you're thoroughly covered, but not so much that you're wasting your money. To get more information or start shopping for a new policy, contact the agents at Fry - Integra Insurance Services, your local independent agency, today.